Henry Negley, Freedom Fighter, is locked in a battle for the very existence of the United States and the world. He heads an underground movement, created because all corporations in the world have now merged into one, The Corporation.

 The Corporation controls all governments through coercion. Many board members have created their own armies and their own centers of power. But the people of the world are content, as long as they have things to buy and the money to buy them. The Corporation satisfies their weak needs.

 True Globalization tells the story of how the world got to this point and how a small group of individualists, backed by a surprising group of people, don’t think owning stuff and making money are enough. Henry and his group fight to regain their freedom and destroy the Corporation.

  “Larry Porter.  You’ll want to remember his name because you’ll be eagerly awaiting his next novel.  True Globalization continually builds suspense and tension.  You won’t want to put it down.”                                                                     -  Bruce Russell


“I couldn’t put it down and now I can’t wait for the sequel.”                                                                                 - Roxie Hinesly

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