The Experiment is an epic history of the United States of America in poem form.

The normal reader will find it disturbing and insist that, no matter what political persuasion they may embrace, the writer must be on the opposite side.  The author has recorded true history, nothing more.  But it is not the popular history most have been taught in our public schools.  

     Most of this work will sound slanted, obtuse and will be considered down right lies.  It is the hope of the author that the reader, rather than judge, researches for him or her self to find the truth.  Also the author hopes this poem arouses a lively discussion among readers and awakens a spark to discover what the public schools, for ages, have neglected and instead have taught what this or that particular historian wished hi/her audience to learn about history.

     The true bias we have about the history of this great nation has lain in the hearts of those who recorded it.  It becomes the responsibility of the citizen to research the facts.  They are there to be learned but take more than a casual glance or a determined mind that insists one particular historian has it right.  No, my friends, no single historian records all the facts.  As human beings, they bring their prejudices to the table.  Just remember that the well informed choose many varied sources before considering research done.  And even at that, there are still many that go unread due to time restraints.  

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