I had an idea for a story jarring my brain for several years until I finally had an opportunity, or more a challenge, to put the idea on paper to see if I really could write.  I lived in Atlanta at the time, in 1973 or so.  A small radio station announced they were starting a live radio theatre just like old radio used to do before television.  Now was my chance.

     I put my story together and it didn’t look bad for a first shot at writing anything more than a college term paper.  I submitted it but the show never developed.  However, I now knew I could write something that would interest a few more than me.  A couple of years later my son joined a children’s theatre group and I joined in to help wherever I could as a doting, get involved parent.

     I had another idea, for a children’s play, and talked with the director about it.  She asked to see it so I quickly put together a three-act play called Treehouse.  She liked it and decided to produce it.  Wow!  I was going to be a legitimate playwright.  I give her an awful lot of credit.  I became a stage father to my little baby, re-writing and re-writing until the poor kids went dizzy trying to learn new lines every week.  Finally, Leslie said “enough.”  She made me stop and we dealt with what was written then and there.

     Treehouse, on stage, turned out to be a success.  In fact, it was reprised for the tenth anniversary of Cobb Children’s Theatre near Atlanta.  I was now a real playwright.  I went on to write fourteen plays since 1974.  

     By 1990 I had the thought that I could also write novels.  I’d written a dozen or more short stories and they looked pretty good.  Why not expand, I thought.  I’m still not sure that was a good idea.  I love writing novels and think I write interesting stories with interesting characters.  But it sure is harder work than short stories ever were.

     In 2001 I wrote my first novel, True Globalization.  It’s a look at what happens to the world after the big corporations buy out all other corporations and businesses and run the world.  I was pleased when the River Writer’s Group in Bullhead City, a group of total strangers at the time, had several members tell me it was a good story.  I got it published in 2007.  

     Since then, I’ve written three more novels.  I’m working on a compilation of short stories dealing with the possibilities of what happens after we die.  The working title is Heaven?  I’ve now written fourteen plays, three screenplays, a real story about my wife and my experience working in the self-storage business, and a few other pieces of interest.  I’m an eclectic writer, writing some political stuff, like True Globalization and After America: Rebuilding, then Ivan the Backward Man, a story about a very lonely man going backward in time, Chance Mountain, a casino heist yarn, and now, the book I’m working on.

     I hope my readers find as much enjoyment in my books as I’ve had writing them.


TO REACH ME:     ownahome@copper.net 

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