Three law-abiding brothers, professionals, rob a remote casino of  $48 million and bury the money on Chance Mountain.  When they come back for it, six months later, it’s gone.  Then the fun begins as twists and turns, murder and mayhem pursue them as they pursue the money.  When they travel to Costa Rico to hide from the law, the money finds them again but so does more murder.  See what they do to stay one step ahead of the law while trying to figure out how to keep the money.

Jackson, a lawyer, Parker, a helicopter pilot, and Hootie, a computer expert figure a way to steal a delivery from a casino in the mountains of Western Carolina.  When they bury the money on a mountaintop, a local spies on them and digs the money up after they leave.  He hides it somewhere else.  If they had left it at that, they never would have been found out but Jack’s connection to the Russian mob gets them deeper as they do their own detective work to find the money.  Finally, the law discovers who they are but they stay one step ahead of the sheriff only to be found again.

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