History in Verse is a collection of four  epic poems covering four periods in the history of the United States.

 The Experiment, embraces the history of the US from 1775 to 2012.

The Quest for the West is about the people moving westward to settle new lands.

The Reconstruction of a Nation covers everything about the Civil War. 

America in the Sixties: A Most Interesting Decade, is a look at the 1960s

This set is available as a pre-order before its release date 07/01/2018.  As a pre-order, it is only $0.99.  After the release date, 07/01-2028. the price will go up to $2.99 and each poem will cost $0.99.

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   The Experiment is an epic history of the United States of America in verse poem form. It starts with the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War.  It moves to the writing of the Constitution, and every president, from Washington to Obama. 

It is written through each presidential term, telling what each did and what cabinets they formed.  It also notes all of the important legislation passed during their terms and describes what congress did to bring each piece to a bill.  It also talks about each Supreme Court opinion handed down, that affected the US in a major way. 

The attempt of the writer is to give an overall picture of the complete history of the US in a  thought provoking, interesting manner.  Hopefully, it will not only make the reader, if not already interested in history, enjoy history, as well as bring forth questions to the point of researching for themselves.

Due out on July 1, 2018.  This is one of the four poems included in the box set, History in Verse. The set of four box set can be pre-ordered for $.99 until that date,  After that date, each poem will be $.99 with the box set moving to $2.99 

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     The Quest for the West starts with the first thirteen colonies becoming states.  The poem continues telling the story of how each state was formed as the government acquired territories across a newly forming country.  As the states and territories came to the nation, the population moved westward, opening new settlements.  Subjects covered include, the War of 1812, trails used to travel across the west all the way to the Pacific, the Pony Express, railroads, outlaws and lawmen, mountain men, gold and silver rushes, and Indian wars.

  This verse poem is part of the History in Verse box set coming out on July 1, 2018.   The set can be pre-odered for $.99 until then.  After that, each poem will be $.99 and the box set, $2.99.

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     America in the Sixties: A Most Interesting Decade is all about the decade of the nineteen sixties in the U.S.  This was the only decade in U.S. history that saw four prominent leaders of the country assassinated.  It was a decade that began with the country nearly creating a nuclear holocaust.  Then, the country was forced into a war nearly everyone now agrees should never have happened.  While the Vietnam War raged, another war was taking place in the streets of all of our big cities.  The civil rights war raged as inner cities burned, blacks trying to bring their injustices to the general public.  But the Vietnam War so overshadowed it, it was nearly forgotten.  The poem tells of the many good things as well.  The country began the flight to the moon and saw men land there before the decade closed.  Hippies gave the nation a smile and a cry, as the people enjoyed their antics but also were frightful of the drug scene that brought such pathos.  Music changed and it changed the nation.  So many genres came forth, giving many the claim that much of this music will live long after most are gone. This was a decade that brought influential, impactful, divisive scenes to the nation that have lasted to this day.

This verse poem is included in the box set, History in Verse.  The box set can be pre-ordered before it's release date, July 1, 2018 for $.99.  After that date, each poem will be $.99 and the box set will be $2.99

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     The Reconstruction of a Nation, a verse poem, includes the twenty years that led up to the War, those organizations, politics and cultures that concluded with this tragedy.  It tells the story of the events that led to the Southern states succeeding.  Then it gives the details of the major battles, the civilian population on each side, the undercurrent of politics on both sides, and the women involved in the war effort from both sides.  Finally, it describes the Northern politicians' reasons for their method of imposing reconstruction and those consequences on the South.

This poem is included in the box set, History in verse.  That book will be relased on July 1. 2018, as well as each of the individual poems.  The box set can be pre-ordered for $.99 until that date.  After that date, the individual poems will each be $.99 and the box set will be $2.99.

Order at: smashwords.com

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